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How Important Are Reviews When Hiring A Roofer?

In a publication by the BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2017, most online shoppers read at least seven testimonials before trusting a company with their project or needs. Online reviews are as critical as a personal recommendation.

Ideally, they give you an independent look and experience of each client that has ever used the contractor’s services. Reading testimonials will tell you which companies to trust with your project over others.

Below are the reasons you should start looking at reviews before hiring a roofing company.


  1. It’s an Evaluation of the Honesty of the Roofer

Honesty is a crucial factor when hiring any contractor. Since every contractor will give you their word that their services are exceptional, it’s hard to pick those that are lying. When you read reviews, however, you can detect if the contractor is truthful or a scammer. You’ll get an idea if the contractor delivers their promises or hesitate immediately you make the first deposit. Remember, if clients have been victims of the mistakes of a contractor, they are not afraid to leave a truthful review of their experience.

  1. It’s a Summary of Roofer’s Track Record

Reviews are summary experiences of different clients with a specific roofer. For example, if I’m to leave a review about a roofer, I would talk about their response time, customer services, issues encountered, and how the roofer approached and solved those issues. Most reviewers do the same – share about their project, including the time it took the contractor to complete the project for the world to see. The reviews tell the good and the negative experiences of various clients with the contractor.

  1. Tells a Story of How the Roofer Solves Problems

A roofer can’t always be perfect in their work. They miss a thing or two, but it is how they approach the problem that matters. You’ll thus find a review with a high rating yet accompanied by a negative comment because, despite the mistake the contractor made, he/she followed steps to rectify it. When you read through the reviews and happen to come across a negative comment yet a good rating, you’ll understand the policies or ways the roofer follows to solve the problem.

  1. Gives Insight on Whether the Company is the Right Fit

A company can be the leader in your area – but it can’t be perfect in all areas, especially if it lacks quality craft in certain areas. If, for example, the roofer is the best at fixing a specific type of roof, it doesn’t mean he/she is good at setting another type. So, although the roofer can promise to fix your unique roof, only the reviews can stamp the claim as true or false.

  1. Shows if the Roofer Stand by Their Work

Is the contractor confident with his/her work that they can stand by it? Anyone will stand by their work if they know they did their best. The reviews will tell you if the contractor is proud to be associated with his/her result by either giving you a warranty or contact information you can share with other property owners.

  1. Tell if the Contractor Works with Insurance Companies

Calamities tend to hit when you least expect it – you might not have the money to repair the damages after the mishap. Considering roofing is expensive, you expect every roofer to be insured. However, that’s not the case as some roofing companies don’t work with insurance companies, which means you have to pay upfront before the contractor begins to fix your house.

  1. Tell the Success or Failure History of the Contractor

Not all clients leave a comment after using a service. However, if more than 50% of customers are leaving nasty comments and ratings, then it’s a warning that you shouldn’t hire the contractor. Before you choose a roofer, make sure they have more good reviews than bad. Also, read between the lines and validate if the contractor was successful at the tasks given by previous homeowners.

  1. Tell If the Contractor Reads the Reviews Customers

If the roofer doesn’t read the reviews, how do they know what to improve or address an issue? Reading and responding to clients’ reviews tells a story about a contractor. First, the roofer is engaged and wants to leave clients happy. By responding to several comments, you can evaluate if the roofer is devoted to knowing their weaknesses and resolving them.

Testimonials differentiate between amateurs and professional roofers. When picking an ideal roofer, ensure they are responsible and responsive and that they can satisfy your needs and wishes.

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